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Utilize Non-Clinical Data to Build High-Quality SDoH Interventions

Health outcomes are greatly influenced by zip codes and in communities where life expectancy rates are low, there’s often a higher percentage of poverty and a greater need for social care. Unfortunately, many patients are hesitant to share non-medical data with clinicians, making it difficult to screen, identify, and address pressing social needs.

Our Identifying Social Risk Factors white paper provides an in-depth look into social risk data and explores the importance of tracking non-medical data to determine health-related needs. 

Inside this resource, you'll learn:

  • How to assess non-medical information from a medical lens
  • Why neighboring cities and counties face vastly different health outcomes
  • What risk factors should be incorporated into your strategy
  • How to build data-informed SDoH interventions

As your organization builds and expands on current SDoH initiatives, it’s vital that you collect, assess, and act on social risk data. Only then can you properly solve your community members’ social needs and measure the outcome of your efforts.

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