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CBOs and Payers: Challenges to Building Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Community organizations and payers are coming together to create partnerships to tackle the social determinants of health. But developing and maintaining these partnerships is turning out to be harder than anyone thought. 

In this white paper you’ll learn about some of the most common challenges when it comes to developing successful partnerships. 

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  • Trust and alignment: CBOs and payers are still learning to trust each other and gain alignment on the definition of success.
  • Funding: There is a big divide in terms of financials. Payers are rich in comparison to most CBOs, and a lack of funding for CBOs can create an asymmetrical power dynamic in the relationship. 
  • Resources: Effective partnerships often require CBOs to allocate scarce resources to learn new technologies, alter existing workflows, and manage partnerships.
  • Capacity: The pandemic has laid bare the capacity constraints of many CBOs. Good partnerships mean more clients, which will impact capacity even more.

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