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Preparing for ICD-10-CM SDoH Code Expansion

New SDoH codes are being added to the ICD-10-CM system and will include pressing social health concerns like food insecurity and homelessness. This is an exciting new development for payers, as it can drive new measures of data tracking and risk analysis to better address member needs.

Everything Payers Need to Know About the ICD-10-CM SDoH Code Expansion provides an overview of the new SDoH codes, why the current ones have been insufficient, and how to prepare for the expansion which takes effect on October 1, 2021.

Inside this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Why the current SDoH codes are underutilized in tracking member needs
  • Which codes are being added in 2021 and which codes are being considered for 2022
  • How to utilize the codes to build more innovative SDoH strategies

Thanks to the efforts of countless leaders and healthcare organizations, changes are being made to integrate social services into the healthcare ecosystem and this will have a lasting impact on the way we evaluate, measure, and improve health outcomes.

  • Reasons why Z codes have been insufficient in tracking member needs
  • Comprehensive list of codes being implemented and discussed
  • How to utilize the codes to build more innovative SDoH strategies


Download the white paper to learn more about the SDoH code expansion.

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