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On-Demand Webinar: Leveraging Predictive Analytics and Community-Level Data to Inform SDoH Interventions

Jacob Luria, Managing Partner, Algorex Healthcare Technologies

Manik Bhat, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Healthify

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Health plans are taking a deep dive into the social needs of their members to inform SDoH interventions that drive improved health outcomes and costs. Yet, even the most mature SDoH screening programs are completed on 50% of the population. The reality is, relying on member-specific SDoH data alone is not enough to inform interventions.  

Listen to Jacob Luria, Managing Partner at Algorex Healthcare Technologies, and Manik Bhat, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Healthify, deep dive into how health plans can use predictive analytics to go from ideation to intelligent investments in SDoH interventions. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about: 

  • Levering external, community-level data to perform geographic gap analyses between the availability of social service resources and prevalent social needs
  • How SDoH analytics can help support a network of clinical and nonclinical partners
  • The what, how, and why around capturing SDoH-related ROI
  • And lastly, we’ll review examples of leveraging data to target members for specific interventions

Meet the speaker: Jacob Luria

Jacob is a Managing Partner at Algorex Healthcare Technologies. Jacob’s background in population health and technology provide a unique lens to use modern consumer marketing tools to drive scale in the supporting services that support vulnerable populations. With a deep expertise of Medicaid program design and financing, he regularly utilizes objective data from all available sources to drive performance gains and has experience with Medicaid plans in 22 states.

Meet the speaker: Manik Bhat

Manik Bhat is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Healthify, a New York-based startup that provides leading solutions to address the social determinants of health at scale. Manik co-founded Healthify in 2013 while working as a community health worker in East Baltimore clinics. He saw how social needs - like access to food and housing - dramatically impacted health outcomes in the community and was moved to create Healthify.

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