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Going Beyond Grant Funding

How CBOs Can Engage in Partnerships with Healthcare Organizations and Secure Funding to Scale

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Historically, sustainability and capacity have been central challenges for community-based organizations (CBOs) across the county and with COVID-19 continuing to unfold, these challenges have become even more daunting. How can CBOs move toward sustainability and expand capacity by tapping into non-traditional forms of revenues?  

In this white paper, we provide an overview of how CBOs can engage in partnerships with healthcare organizations. Readers get insights into funding opportunities and actionable advice about how to secure lasting relationships with payers and providers. 

  • An overview of the importance of data analysis in the partnership process and steps CBOs can take to collect and share impactful data with healthcare organizations.
  • Best practices for developing healthcare partnerships with a focus on identifying and developing contractual relationships with the right healthcare organizations
  • A summary of financial models including shared-savings arrangements, risk-sharing models, and traditional fee for service

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