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Healthify examines the fundamental  challenges health plans face when addressing the social determinants of health and solutions to overcome those barriers.

The Impact of SDoH on Health Plans: Legacy

Challenges and Innovative Solutions

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The Effect of Unaddressed Needs

The social determinants of health can have significant adverse effects on overall health outcomes and many of these factors often manifest in the emergency department (ED).

According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the number of ED visits has steadily increased over the last 30 years and continues to vary across age groups and health plans.

Healthify's white paper on the impact of SDoH on health plans.

How SDoH, claims and community-level data can inform early interventions

Transition to Value Based Care

How value-based reimbursements can streamline proactive approaches to addressing SDoH

Adoption of Interoperable Technologies

How the right IT tools can support collaborative workflows and serve as the foundation for success 

SDoH impacts health plans but solutions are here.

Aggregation of Diverse Data Sets

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